Do we need to de-clutter when Selling?

Ask the Expert

 By Alison Palmer, Office Manager) at Hennings Moir, Property Sharing Expert estate agency in Saltash, 01752 850440

 alison palmer

  1. We want to move house but we have accumulated so much stuff over the years that even the idea is a little scary! What do we do with it all?



 It sounds as though you need to de-clutter, and there are two main reasons for this – firstly, to make your home as tidy and presentable as possible for photography and viewings and secondly, so your actual move is both less costly and less stressful!

First impressions really do count so creating a neat and tidy home without clutter is one of the quickest and most effective ways of making a positive impact on the way your home looks and feels to prospective buyers. And whether you’ll be employing the services of a removals firm or hiring a van and moving yourself, the process will cost less and take less time and effort if you have fewer belongings

All too often, our idea of having a good tidy up simply means putting stuff out of sight – in the loft, the under stairs cupboard or the garden shed for example, and that’s really just shifting the problem. Remember, serious buyers are going to want to look in cupboards and the last thing you want is a load of stuff falling out on them!

Nowadays, the tip isn’t the only place for unwanted items – let’s face it, if you were holding onto this stuff it’s obviously got life left in it, so try holding a stall at your local car boot sale or selling things online on sites such as ebay, Preloved and Gumtree. If you use facebook, search for a local ‘Bargains’ page where people buy and sell things. Other options include giving certain items to friends or family members who will make use of them, and of course charity donations.

In practice, removing clutter and not allowing it to build up again is really nothing more than learning a new habit – it is even claimed that de-cluttering is good for the psyche. You may well make a tidy sum from your so-called ‘clutter’. Having done it, many say they wonder why they ever hung on to so much stuff in the first place!


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