How to Identify a great lettings agent

How to identify a GREAT lettings agent

 by Karen English Lettings Manager at Hennings Moir

From within the industry it is easy to spot the Lettings agents that are good or not, but as a landlord from the outside its not so easy and many landlords choose agents based on their location, character or price.

Here top Lettings Expert Karen English takes away the mystery and shows YOU how to identify those that are doing the job properly from the initial enquiry, throughout the property management process and behind the scenes.

This will ensure you make the right choice first time and make renting your property a pleasurable experience whilst maintaining peace of mind that you have a true professional working on your side.

Can you imagine a world without letting agents? I’m sure some people would like to see the back of them and even suggest that the world would be a better place… but would it?

Like any well-practiced professional, a good lettings agent should make an investor landlord more money, save them time and remove a great deal of the day-to-day management activities. They should also help to make the tenant experience a much more pleasurable and enjoyable one too. However, this isn’t always the case, which stems from the fact that some agents are falling far short of the mark. So, where do you start?

Experience is the Key Does the manager, or owner, have many years experience? I cannot stress enough to all landlords, as to how complex the lettings and management industry is. There is a raft of extremely complicated, and in many cases, conflicting legislations relating to what we do and a good level of training is required for even the simplest of letting agency roles.

Avoid this one at your peril! Would you want someone who was working in a fast food restaurant yesterday, drawing up your tenancy agreement that you will have to rely on in court if the tenant defaults? Or would you want them in charge of the management of your property, dealing with the council in relation to any Housing  claims and advising you through the myriad of legislation the council will throw at you..? Probably not.

You go to a letting agent because you want an EXPERT handling your property letting and management, to protect you and your tenant and to ensure you do NOT fall foul of any of the legislations out there, which seem to change and increase almost daily.


Karen English is the Lettings Manager at Hennings Moir Estate Agents in Saltash. She has been in Lettings for over 18 years. Hennings Moir have been trading for over 30 years.

Further information contact Karen English at Hennings moir on 01752 850440

Hennings Moir 136 fore st Saltash Pl1 6JR


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