Six simple top tips to help sell or let a property

Selling or letting a property can seem a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be this way if thought is given to the simple things.


First impressions

First impressions are all-important and can make or break the interest in your property. Try to look at your property as if you were seeing it for the first time – viewers will look at rooms from top to bottom and from corner to corner. Try also, where possible, to show your best room first.

Keep tidy

No-one wants to view a house that looks like the cleaner has been on strike. Neat and tidy rooms appear not only more attractive but also more spacious; kitchens and bathrooms in particular are very important, so be sure to put the dishes away.

If you have a flat, it’s not only what’s through your front door that you have to think about, the communal areas should be kept clean and tidy, too.

The little touches

It doesn’t have to be a simple procession around your property, pointing out the obvious. Appealing to other senses too can have a great impact. Coffee percolating, the perfume of freshly cut flowers, baking bread, will add to the appeal of your property. Pet aromas won’t!

Try to keep your home warm in the winter and well ventilated in summer.

Sounds too can play a part. If you are in a nice, quiet secluded area, keep it that way and have the TV off, so viewers get a true feel of the peaceful surrounds.

Get people to your door

Your property must be viewed before it can be sold or let. Always try to accommodate viewers, even though it may not be particularly convenient – just grin and bear it. If you are unavailable, your estate or letting agent will be able to help, which is one of the main reasons for using a high street based agent instead of an online-only one. If you use the latter, you will probably have to hold all of the viewings yourself.

‘For Sale’ or ‘To Let’ signs and posters must always be displayed prominently.

Be prepared to be asked difficult questions

It may sound obvious but remember to mention the good points of your house and the extras and amenities of the area. You may well be asked ‘Why are you selling?’.

Experience counts

You should also consider that selecting an experienced estate agent, who will guide and advise you on all of the above points and more, can make all the difference in achieving the successful sale/letting of your home.


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